Woori technology R & D is the core Department of Woori company, strong technical force, is a professional, pragmatic, vibrant team. At present, there are more than 100 technical developers. 90% of the staff have bachelor degree or above. Most of the people have many years of practical mobile phone development experience.

R & D department can be developed in mobile phone hardware, software, and multimedia and so on, has established the independent laboratory test equipment technology, equipped with advanced design, can test and test mobile phone RF, baseband, audio, software, the structure of the.

On the basis of 2G and 2.5G mobile communication technology, R & D department takes 3G mobile communication technology and multimedia technology as the direction of product development in the future. In the development of 3G mobile phone technology related research projects at the same time, the key to intelligent and multimedia to mobile phone product development characteristics, timely development of WI-FI, 3G and other mobile phone products, to meet the different needs of consumers.