UNITONE service commitment

7 days, 15 days replacement, Quanguolianbao, lifelong maintenance service commitment. The company will establish a system of customer service and sales of insurance service system, regardless of when and where you buy Woori mobile phone, can enjoy a convenient service. By 2005, the more than 200 service centers will cover large and medium cities and remote areas, providing the fastest and convenient customer service for all users, and bringing the intimate service to the consumers. I hope our service can make you "more joy, more enjoyment"".

Specific service content and measures:

(1) detailed rules of "Three Guarantees"

1. where buy in the mainland legal China Woori mobile phone, because of the quality reasons stipulated by the state "mobile phone" listed "performance fault table performance fault", can enjoy Shenzhen unitone communication equipment limited company's service commitment: seven day retreat, 15 days replacement, life-long maintenance, warranty.

2. seven days: within 7 days from the date of purchase, the mobile phone host state "mobile phone" listed "performance fault table performance fault, you can choose the invoice price of a mobile phone from payment or replacement of the same model with the specifications or repair. The refund and replacement by purchase department responsible for dealers.

3.15 days replacement: eighth days to 15 days from the date of purchase, the mobile phone host "mobile phone" listed "performance fault table performance fault", you can choose to replace the same model with the specifications of the mobile phone host or by purchase department responsible for maintenance, replacement of dealers.

4. lifetime maintenance: all products are the implementation of mobile phone Woori, life-long maintenance services; within 12 months from the date of purchase, the mobile phone host state "mobile phone" listed "performance fault table performance fault", you can in the Woori service outlets (see "customer service customer service service network") to enjoy more than one year free warranty service; charge the cost of materials and labor costs (fee standards required by the state).

5. Genius: all Woori series mobile phone, whether to buy where, can enjoy the same service in any customer service throughout the country Woori service outlets.

6. from the date of battery purchase, three packets valid for 6 months; charger, charging seat for one year; headset and data line for 3 months. In the period of validity of the three package, two times can not be used normally, and the product can be returned. Sold separately, according to the standard price once refund the payment; with the host to sell together, according to the return was sold separately at the price of a refund. Return service provided by Sales Office dealer.

More than three packets (of Baotui, Baohuan, Bao Xiu) services will be in accordance with Article behind (three) stipulated in the "limited warranty" implementation.

(2) in order to protect your legitimate rights and interests, please pay attention to the following information

In order to get the Woori communications equipment Co. Ltd. to give you the guaranteed repair, replacement and return the rights, please:

1. maintenance please take "Woori mobile phone three certificate" (the original package and invoice warranty card and invoice must sell unit complete and stamp, and shall not be altered, otherwise invalid). Take off the IMEI mechanical serial number label that the battery sees, don't tear up, otherwise can only enjoy the charge maintenance service.

2. in three the warranty period, the user must purchase invoice issued and effective Three Guarantees certificate can enjoy the replacement and return rights; if the user cannot be issued effective Three Guarantees certificate and invoice, in accordance with the date of ninetieth days after the start date of the warranty period of one year free warranty.

3. if the replacement condition is met, only the fault part is replaced. If the main engine fails, only the host is replaced. Battery fault, replace battery only. Other will not change, at the same time recover the purchase voucher (invoice or receipt copy) and the old three package voucher. And fill in three new package, enjoy the corresponding three packs of services to three new package.

4. in three the warranty period, battery, charger, external wired headset etc. mobile phone accessories appear as prescribed by the state "mobile phone" listed "performance fault table performance fault", the original place to purchase replacement of the same brand of the same type with the specifications of the annex, the replacement of two still cannot be used properly, to the original place of purchase to return, sold separately, according to the invoice price of a refund; sales together with the host, according to the sales price alone was to return a refund.

(3) limited warranty clause:

Refund, replacement and warranty valid only under normal use. All the artificial damage and the following terms are not in return, warranty and replacement. But our company can provide maintenance services and charge appropriate fees.

1. or third of the users due to negligence, negligence, abuse, misuse or damage caused by the disaster damage (such as mobile phone: liquid food stains, water, mobile phone external peripheral device is shattered, scratch damage etc.

2. users to disassemble, the Shenzhen unitone communications equipment Co. Ltd. approved maintenance and modification (such as: change, installation, adjustment or change any incorrect) damage.

3. connecting inappropriate accessories, failing to use the instructions, causing damage to the mobile phone due to transport and other accidents.

4. incorrect or improper operation caused by mobile phone malfunction or damage.

5. mobile phone appearance of various labels, parts (such as buttons), consumable parts and long-term use of mobile phones caused by the appearance of natural wear.

6. more than three packages valid.

7. there is no three package voucher and valid invoice, but it can be proved